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Experience with burnout recovery

Our experience with burnout is twofold. Fred Buining had a severe burnout himself years ago. He was completely exhausted with all the physical and mental phenomena that go with it. He received training for a therapist degree so he had enough therapists and material available to work with. He tried many different things to get better and did a thorough recovery. After that he kept trying out different treatments in order to find out what worked and what worked better. He developed our own 10-week program, which Fred has been running ever since. The program is an effort to put professionals that have burned-out on the right track to recovery. For now it's only available in the Hague area, Netherlands.

What is Burnout counter balance about?
Who are you?
What are the benefits of training?
What does our work include?
What will you learn?

Recover from Burnout, the counter balance

Our burn-out recovery program enables individuals to work on the acceptance of their burn-out and their recovery. The recovery of participants will be faster and the risk of more or returning Burnout is reduced. The program works with groups between 8 and 12 people. In the recovery program we work on:
- Understanding and accepting the phenomena of burn-out such as mind body   connection, energy balance, stress and trust.
- Reducing tension and creating a new mind body balance.
- Organising a lifestyle (i.e. food & drink, exercises, activities,
  rest, relationships) that supports the recovery.
- Recognising the different phases of recovery;

"I had a serious burn-out. The recovery programme did not cure me but surely put me on the right track to recovery. I found a place to find myself again and where I could get peaceful mind"
Josh (fully recovered after 3 years in 2001)

Key words:
Mind body balance recovery, breathing, stretching, sharing experiences, imagineering health recovery.
What is Burnout counter balance about?
We bring together professionals who have dropped out of their work due to serious burnout and work with them on their recovery.

"Burnout for me meant, having time to get in touch what was really important in my life and how I was taking care of that".
Willem (fully recovered after two years 2000)

Who are you?
You dropped out of work and are diagnosed with burn-out by a doctor and your organisation. Symptoms you might have; pains in arms and legs, severe lack of energy, increased muscle tension, difficulties memorizing, concentration problems, easily stressed, sleeping problems, anxiety. You are able and willing to attend the morning work sessions in the Hague and work on your recovery. Your company is willing to finance the Burnout recovery programme.
What are the benefits of training?
Better understanding of your Burnout and the signals of recovery. Empowerment through sharing of experiences and learnings with others. Reduction of muscle and mental tension. We provide valuable lifestyle information that contributes to recovery.

"The stretching brings me back to my body and helps me reduce tension in my muscles. Qigong exercises are great energizers in the morning."
Deborah (still recovering since 2003)

What does our work include?
Ten sessions of 3 hours. Excersizes to reduce muscle tension, breathing excersizes to establish inner focus, guided imagination to establish a stable mental focal point. Sharing and exchange of experiences from recovery. Information on lifestyle that will support your recovery.

"How wonderful that one can actually bring ones own mind at rest through simple meditations."
Joanna (fully recovered after 1.5 years 2002)

What will you learn?
You will understand your Burnout as it is, some of the causes, the phenomena and the perception of Burnout by your environment. You will become aware of how the mind and body influence eachother. You will be able to reduce body and mind tension. You will learn which lifestyle aspects give you support during your recovery. You will find your own unique tempo of recovery and feel comfortable with it.